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NewCity is a development company with a new approach to business. As a company with heart, NewCity’s sense of social responsibility is one of the reasons it has experienced such profound trans-continental success over the past two decades.

Founded on a philosophy of building ‘homes with heart,’ this prolific China-based development group is uncompromising in its aim to inject a much-needed dose of vitality into the visual identity of major cities — from Guangzhou to Melbourne — while forging strong, trust-based relationships with a broad range of industry leaders.

Now widely regarded as an international standard-maker, NewCity’s long-term survival in an over-saturated real estate market is a clear mark of its incisive industry knowledge and willingness to adapt. In a fast-growing and rapidly-changing profession, NewCity distinguishes itself from competitors through its enthusiastic approach to tackling new challenges.

The spirit of the craftsman is etched deep into the spirit of the company, as they pursue perfection in each of their undertakings and — project by project — make their contribution to a more beautiful and efficient cityscape. Behind each new development is a desire to contribute to the overall appeal of the city and, on a smaller scale, to enrich the lives of its citizens.

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LUSTRE – Mordialloc

Address: 55-57 Barkly Street, Mordialoc
Apartments: 24 apartments

The suburb of Mordialloc in Melbourne is a water-fronting suburb with a rich history of boating. Located 24km from Melbourne CBD, it boasts easy access to the city’s financial centre while retaining a quiet residential appeal. The Mordialloc took advantage of this suburb’s unique residential charm, providing 24 spacious dwellings along the main retail strip of Barkly St plus basement car parking. To further complement the natural beauty of the context, a series of hard and soft landscaping elements were designed for the site, further benefitting residents with shade, privacy and greenery.

Clarke Street

Located at the center of Melbourne beside Crown Casino would be a skyscraper including residential, hotels, exhibition hall and senior club. The China-Australia Communication Center in Australia is designed to be a platform for communication between governments and the folk in China and Australian, Guangdong and Victoria in economics, culture, academics, technology and art.

NewCity Projects

NewCity’s approach to property development is one that is founded on a core belief of social responsibility. No matter where our business takes us — from China to Australia and beyond — we will carry this philosophy with us, along with our enthusiasm for tackling new challenges in a way that befits the needs of the industry and of our clients.

The Sun Show

The Sun Show is a prominent commercial and residential project in the traditional heart of China’s City of Guangzhou. Providing exquisitely crafted residences for senior management — conveniently located alongside an abundant selection of shops and other lifestyle offerings — occupants and visitors will benefit not only from a prime location, but also from panoramic views overlooking the natural beauty of Lu Lake and south over the city.

The Feng Yuan

Enjoying a privileged location in the heart of the Xi Guan, the Feng Yuan benefits from the best of the Shang Xia Jiu business district in combination with the abundant greenery of the peaceful Feng Yuan Road. Drawing upon traditional Chinese symbolism for the design of this luxury residential undertaking, the Feng Yuan represents an ideal balance of innovation and tradition; a harmony between urban economy and natural abundance.

The Yijia

The Yijia International Apartment Hotel is a luxury hotel offering located in the heart of Tianhe’s cultural and touristic centre. The apartments are predominantly targeted at commercial travelers looking for a location that balances comfort with convenience. Equipped with all the amenities and recreational facilities that discerning and frequent travelers have come to expect, the Yijia also offers easy access to attractions such as Guangzhou Opera House, Guangdong Museum and Flower City Square, all of which lie within walking distance.

The Tao Yuan

Enviably close to the International Finance Centre (known as Guangzhou’s ‘Wall Street’), the Tao Yuan is a residential development that combines prime location with pristine views. Overlooking the green expanse of Carambole Park to the east and Zhejiang River to the south, the Tao Yuan boasts the added convenience of proximity to the Dong Pu metro station and other high quality neighbourhood facilities, making it the perfect location for civil servants and white-collar workers looking for an entry-point into the area.

The Ling Xiu

Pearl River New Town is known as the home of the central business department, making it some of the most highly sought-after real estate in Guangzhou. Designed by famed German architects Rheinschiene, the Ling Xiu is a proud new addition to the public face of this region. With a façade composed of stunning contours and clever spatial design, the project was created to meet the heightened demands of life in the city. The crown jewel of this development is the crystal club, located in the upper levels of the Ling Xiu; a position which takes full advantage of the spectacular views over Baiyun Mountain.

The Jiang Nan

The Jiang Nan in the Hai Zhu district of Guangzhou is defined by scenery and community. Perfectly placed to take full advantage of the stunning landscapes found along the banks of the Pearl River, the Jiang Nan also boasts abundant community facilities within its borders and close proximity to a prominent Guangzhou commercial headquarters. Culminating in a stunning submersible crystal club, this project is destined to become a milestone achievement of the NewCity Group as a full and accurate representation of the love NewCity harbours for the City of Guangzhou.

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